Discover the Ultimate Hybrid Pot Still for Your Distillery | Key Features and Benefits Explained

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Discover the Ultimate Hybrid Pot Still for Your Distillery | Key Features and Benefits Explained

Welcome to our detailed walkthrough of the 300-gallon hybrid pot still! Led by Evan Moser, VP of Engineering for Deutsche Beverage + Process, this video covers the features and benefits of our advanced distilling equipment custom-designed to meet the exact needs of any spirit production operation.

Key Features of the 300-Gallon Pot Still

  • Copper and Stainless Steel Construction: Combines durability with the essential copper for additional reflux, enhancing purity and flavor.
  • Versatile Agitation: Suitable for on-grain and off-grain distilling, perfect for a wide range of products including whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, and re-distill neutral spirits.
  • Tray Set: Improves product purity and allows for higher-quality distillation right from the start. This video demonstrates a Glass Tray Set option (usually stainless) demonstrating visual monitoring of the distillation process, enhancing control and understanding
  • Steam Heating: Ensuring uniform temperature distribution, preventing scorching, and preserving the integrity of your mash. Customizable Helmets: Standard and custom options to fit your specific distillation needs. Efficient Condenser: Ensures optimal alcohol vapor condensation and collection.
  • Botanical Basket for Gin: Easy removal and reloading system for botanical materials, streamlining the gin-making process.
  • Safety Features: Includes pressure relief valves and leak detection systems for safe and reliable operation.
  • Versatile Product Range: This 300-gallon pot still is designed to produce a variety of spirits, making it ideal for creating whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, and other neutral spirits. The versatility allows distillers to experiment with different recipes and achieve high-purity results.
  • Perfect for Breweries Expanding into Distilling: Breweries looking to diversify and expand into the distilling market will find this pot still an excellent investment. It offers the flexibility to produce a wide range of spirits, providing an additional revenue stream and the ability to cater to a broader market. The easy-to-use features and safety controls ensure a smooth transition from brewing to distilling, making it accessible for those new to the process.


Let me (Evan Moser, VP of Engineering) go over some of the features of our 300-gallon pot still. The main kettle is made of copper and stainless steel, which is essential for providing additional reflux and helping achieve the desired purity in our distilling products. The still is equipped with an agitation feature, making it versatile for both on-grain and off-grain distilling, which is beneficial for producing a variety of products in your distillery.

The still includes a tray set that further enhances purity, allowing for the production of different spirits such as rum, whiskey, GNS, vodka, or gin. The kettle, where the fermented mash is added, features agitation for on-grain mashing and is steam-heated for uniform heating to prevent scorching.

As the mash boils, the vapor rises into the helmet, which comes in various designs. From the helmet, the vapor moves into the tray set, which can achieve higher purity levels. You can perform a stripping run directly into the condenser or opt for a high-purity strip from the start using our standard tray set. These tray sets are available in copper, stainless steel, and glass, allowing visibility into the distillation process.

Further down the line is the condenser, where the alcohol vapor is condensed and collected. We also offer a botanical basket feature for gin production, which includes a hoist system to easily remove and reload the basket, eliminating the need to lift a heavy, saturated basket.

Safety is a priority in our designs, with pressure relief valves at the top and control systems that monitor for leaks and stop operations if necessary. Our stills come in various sizes to meet different needs, making them ideal for entry-level distillers or breweries looking to expand into distilling. This product offers the flexibility to create a wide range of spirit profiles.




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