Penguin City Customer Spotlight

Join Richard, owner of Penguin City Brewing Company, in a video tour of their state-of-the-art brewery equipped with Deutsche Beverage + Process’s automated brewhouse and equipment. The system seamlessly integrates a 20-barrel brew house with a 3.5-barrel pilot system, emphasizing efficiency and precision with features like blending valves and carbonation control. This video offers valuable insights for those in the brewing industry or looking to enhance their brewery operations with cutting-edge equipment.

Are you in the brewing industry or looking to dive into it, opening or expanding your brewery? Join Richard, the owner and brewer at Penguin City Brewing Company, as he shares his first-hand experience with Deutsche Beverage + Process’s automated custom brewhouse and brewing equipment.

In this video, Richard takes you on a tour of their state-of-the-art facility, highlighting the key features and benefits of this innovative system. Discover how their 20-barrel brew house seamlessly integrates with a 3.5-barrel pilot system. The shared HLT and CLT system allows for efficient brewing, while the ability to divert it to production or pilot processes adds a new level of convenience.

With 3.5-barrel fermenters for pilot batches and 60-barrel vessels for larger production, Richard explains their brewing process. He emphasizes the system’s blending valve, flow meters, and auto knockout feature, which make brewing more precise and efficient, ultimately delivering consistent results.

The video also touches on the time-saving aspects of the system, such as the super sacks for ingredient handling, reducing the need for manual labor, and enhancing workflow. Additionally, Richard talks about the bright tanks with separate ports for packaging, ensuring the quality of the finished product.

Another standout feature is the carbonation module, which allows for precise control of carbonation levels. Richard walks you through the setup, showcasing the solenoid valve, flow meter, and PRV. This feature ensures that every batch of beer comes out with the desired carbonation, adding a professional touch to your brews.

If you’re passionate about brewing and want to optimize your brewing process with cutting-edge equipment, this video is a must-watch. Gain insights, tips, and expert advice from Penguin City Brewing Company’s journey with Deutsche Beverage + Process’s brewing system.

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Hello, I’m Richard, owner and brewer at Penguin City Brewing Company. We chose Deutsche Beverage for our brewing system. Follow me as we explore our setup.

Right here, on the backside of the brewhouse, we have a 20-barrel brew house integrated with a 3.5-barrel system. This setup is fantastic because it shares the same HLT and CLT, which you can see in the hopper. You have the flexibility to divert it to either system. We also have small 3.5-barrel fermenters for pilot batches, while all our other vessels are 60 barrels. Typically, we perform three turns to fill one of these larger vessels.

There are some key features that I really appreciate about this system. One of them is the blending valve, allowing you to mix CLT and HLT seamlessly. You just dial in the desired ratio, and it handles the rest. The flow meters are equally convenient; you specify the amount you need, and it dispenses it accurately.

The auto knockout feature has been a game-changer. It’s recently been upgraded to include flow rate parameters, which greatly assist in maintaining hydrostatic pressure during the knockout process. This ensures that, when going in for the second and third turns, it’s almost a “set it and forget it” situation, allowing you to get within a degree of your target temperature effortlessly.

Another standout feature is the super sacks. Instead of laboriously tearing open numerous bags and straining your back, you simply dial in the amount you need, making the ingredient handling process far more efficient and easier on your body.

I also want to highlight the bright tanks, which feature two separate ports at the bottom. One is for packaging, and the other is a 1.5-inch port. They also come equipped with a built-in standpipe, approximately a barrel in size. This ensures you never have to worry about any unwanted elements entering your finished product. Additionally, there’s a two-inch drain port in the center, adding to the convenience.

Ensuring consistency in your brews, we have a carbonation module. It includes a solenoid valve for the inlet and a flow meter for precise control of the carbonation levels. The pressure relief valve at the top has another solenoid valve that you can adjust to set the desired pressure. This feature allows you to maintain consistency, with carbonation levels very close to your target.

In summary, this brewing system has been a fantastic addition to our operation. It simplifies the brewing process, reduces manual labor, and enhances consistency. We’ve been delighted with the performance and features it offers. If you’re looking to optimize your brewery, this is certainly a system worth considering.

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