What’s the best way to empty whiskey barrels? A pneumatic Barrel Dump Trough!

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If you’re in the distillery business, you know how crucial it is to handle barrels safely and efficiently. Our Barrel Dump Trough, otherwise known as barrel dumping station, is here to make your life easier.

Safety First:
Safety is paramount when working with heavy barrels. Traditional methods involving forklifts can be risky. That’s why our Barrel Dump Trough comes with a pneumatic lifting system, eliminating the need for manual lifting and ensuring the safety of your team.

Efficient Spirit Collection:
The trough is designed with efficiency in mind. We’ve divided it into two sections, allowing you to collect fresh spirit separately for your proofing tank. The secondary trough, known as the Devil’s Cut, enables you to recover even more spirit from the barrel. For those who prefer a combined approach, we provide a connecting pipe to merge both reservoirs, giving you increased capacity for faster barrel dumping.

Easy Barrel Handling:
Our user-friendly system empowers a single operator to lift and rotate a heavy barrel without the need for multiple hands or a forklift. The controls are conveniently mounted for quick and hassle-free operation.

Customized Solutions:
At Deutsche Beverage, we understand that every distillery has unique needs. That’s why we offer customization options to tailor our equipment to your specific distilling requirements.

Key Features:

  • Available in single to six-barrel dump configurations and above.
  • Crafted from sanitary brushed stainless steel for durability and hygiene.
  • Equipped with 1.5” Tri-Clamp ports and swing arms for easy barrel handling.
  • Includes 30-micron barrel char catcher filter inserts to ensure a clean spirit.
  • Features a pneumatic barrel lifting piston with air control switch and hardware for effortless barrel lifting.
  • Enhanced safety with cover plates to protect operators.
  • Dual trough design with a unique “devil’s cut” trough for secondary rinsing and increased spirit recovery.
  • Pneumatic lifting pistons and rollers for smooth barrel rotation.
  • Convenient empty barrel roll-down ramp for easy removal.

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Hello, this is Evan Moser from Deutsche Beverage. Today, I’ll be introducing one of our latest products, the Barrel Dump Trough, which you can see right in front of you. I’ll walk you through some of its standout features that make barrel dumping a breeze.

First and foremost, when it comes to barrel dumping, the initial challenge is getting the barrel up to the trough. Many people traditionally use a forklift for this task, but it’s not the safest option, especially when dealing with a hefty 500-pound barrel. Here, we have a Pneumatic mechanically driven system designed to effortlessly lift this 500-pound barrel into the air. Once elevated, it becomes easy to roll the barrel over to our rolling station.

The rolling station is equipped to lift the barrel, enabling smooth rotation once the bung has been removed, allowing for efficient emptying into the trough. During the barrel dumping process, a considerable amount of char and debris is expelled. To prevent this from contaminating the final spirit, we’ve incorporated screens that effectively capture and filter out this debris.

Now, let’s focus on the trough itself, where the spirit is collected. We’ve divided the trough into two separate sections to serve distinct purposes. One section collects the fresh spirit, ready to be pumped into our proofing tank. In the adjacent section, we can perform a secondary rinse of the barrel, sometimes referred to as the Devil’s cut. This additional step allows us to recover more spirit from the barrel. If you prefer to combine both sections for faster dumping, there’s a connecting pipe to merge the two reservoirs, expanding your capacity.

Finally, when the barrel dumping is complete, you can simply roll the barrel off the edge of the trough without needing to reuse the lifter. Of course, you also have the option to lower it back down using the lifter for a safe and controlled barrel removal.

Throughout the development of this product, safety has remained a paramount concern. I’ve witnessed situations in distilleries where forklifts are used to handle these heavy barrels, which poses a significant risk, especially if a barrel were to accidentally fall on someone’s foot. That’s why we integrated a lifting mechanism directly into the trough.

The pneumatic lift for the barrel roller is situated here, and we’ve included a robust lifting plate with roller bearings for easy rotation. Typically, there’s a safety guard in place to encapsulate this mechanism, ensuring that the distiller or operator of the trough cannot inadvertently interfere with its operation. The controls for this system are conveniently mounted right here, making it a one-operator system, eliminating the need for multiple hands and creating a user-friendly experience for barrel dumping.

As with all Deutsche equipment, we can tailor our products to meet your specific distilling requirements. Thank you for watching this video, and we appreciate your interest.

What is the best way to empty a whiskey barrel?
The best way to empty a whiskey barrel is by using a specialized piece of equipment like our Barrel Dump Trough. It provides a safe and efficient method for lifting and rotating the barrel to empty its contents while minimizing the risk of spills or accidents.

How to reduce spilling when dumping a whiskey barrel?
Spilling during the barrel dumping process can be minimized by using the Barrel Dump Trough. It incorporates features like 30-micron barrel char catcher filter inserts and a dual trough design to catch debris and ensure a clean collection of your whiskey, reducing the chances of spills.

Is it safe to empty a whiskey barrel with a forklift?

Using a forklift to empty a whiskey barrel can be hazardous due to the weight of the barrel. That’s why the Barrel Dump Trough was designed with safety in mind, featuring a pneumatic lifting system that eliminates the need for a forklift and significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

How to filter whiskey out of a barrel?
To filter whiskey out of a barrel, our Barrel Dump Trough includes 30-micron barrel char catcher filter inserts. These inserts effectively filter out char and debris from the whiskey as it flows through, ensuring that the final spirit collected is clean and free from unwanted particles.

What is the Barrel Dump Trough, and why is it essential for distilleries?
The Barrel Dump Trough is a specialized equipment designed to safely and efficiently handle barrels in distilleries. It’s essential because it eliminates the need for risky forklift operations, ensuring the safety of your team while streamlining the barrel dumping process.

What configurations are available for the Barrel Dump Trough?
The Barrel Dump Trough is available in various configurations, ranging from single-barrel setups to six-barrel configurations and beyond, allowing you to choose the one that suits your distillery’s production needs.

How does the Barrel Dump Trough ensure the cleanliness of the spirit during the dumping process?
The trough comes with 30-micron barrel char catcher filter inserts, effectively trapping debris and ensuring that unwanted char doesn’t end up in your final spirit.

Can I customize the Barrel Dump Trough to fit my distillery’s specific requirements?
Absolutely! At Deutsche Beverage, we offer customization options to tailor the equipment to your unique distilling needs, ensuring it integrates seamlessly into your operations.

How does the dual trough design work, and what is the purpose of the “Devil’s Cut” trough?
The dual trough design enables you to collect fresh spirit in one section while using the “Devil’s Cut” trough for a secondary rinse, recovering even more spirit from the barrel. If desired, a connecting pipe allows you to combine both reservoirs for increased capacity.

Is the Barrel Dump Trough easy to operate?
Yes, it’s incredibly user-friendly. A single operator can lift and rotate heavy barrels using the pneumatic lifting system and controls conveniently mounted on the equipment.

How does the Barrel Dump Trough prioritize safety during barrel handling?
Traditional methods involving forklifts can be risky due to the weight of barrels. Our trough features a pneumatic lifting system, eliminating manual lifting and reducing the risk of accidents.

Where can I learn more or inquire about the Barrel Dump Trough by Deutsche Beverage?
To learn more about our Barrel Dump Trough or to inquire about purchasing one for your distillery, please contact our team. We’re here to assist you in enhancing your distilling process with our innovative equipment.

Are there any maintenance requirements for the Barrel Dump Trough?
Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the trough. Our team can provide guidance on maintenance procedures to keep your equipment in top condition.

Does Deutsche Beverage offer any other distillery equipment or solutions?
Yes, we offer a range of distillery equipment and solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of distilleries. Feel free to reach out to us for more information on our product offerings and how we can assist your distillery operations.

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