Pro Chiller the Cooling Partner for Deutsche Beverage + Process

Pro Chiller’s History and Journey

Pro Chiller started in 1990 when founder Jim Vander Giessen Sr. and his son, Jim Jr., set the goal of creating better cooling equipment. Their efforts began in the dairy sector, where they rapidly gained recognition for their commitment to producing high-quality equipment. This venture started just outside Seattle with the goal of manufacturing a single chiller each month. However, they far surpassed that initial target, currently producing over 600 chillers annually.

The company’s early focus was on designing chiller systems for raw milk cooling, a task ideally suited to their Pacific Northwest location. As the craft beer industry gained momentum in the region, Pro Chiller saw an opportunity to expand. Their existing equipment required minimal modification to serve this emerging market, and this strategic shift eventually led them to become the leading supplier of chillers for breweries, wineries, and food processing. Importantly, they’ve continued to maintain a strong presence in the dairy industry.

Pro Chiller specializes in a wide range of cooling and refrigeration solutions. Their core products include Packaged Chiller Systems, with offerings ranging from 3/4HP to 220 HP, catering to diverse cooling needs. In addition to chiller systems, they provide Plate Heat Exchangers, Milk Vats, PROHeat2o Heat Recovery systems, and the innovative PROElliot Cold Chain Verification. Notably, Pro Chiller has also pioneered environmentally conscious refrigeration solutions. In 2021, PRO became one of the first US Based Manufacturers to offer a packaged Chiller System using CO2 (R744) as a refrigerant, through their PROGreen Solutions initiative.

Core Brand Values

Pro Chiller operates based on a set of core values that underpin its brand’s identity and business philosophy. These values include:

  • Honesty and Transparency: Pro Chiller places a high value on transparency and integrity in their interactions with customers and partners. They believe in providing a clear, honest picture of their products and services.
  • Quality: Quality is a non-negotiable priority for Pro Chiller. They are committed to delivering high-quality equipment, even if it means a higher upfront cost. The long-term reliability and performance of their products are of paramount importance.
  • Value: Pro Chiller understands the importance of offering customers the best long-term value. While they may not always be the cheapest option, they aim to provide the highest value by delivering reliable and efficient equipment.
  • Efficiency: Pro Chiller is dedicated to delivering efficient solutions. Focused on up-to-date industry standards and regulations, they ensure their chillers are both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Setting Pro Chiller Apart

What truly sets Pro Chiller apart from the competition is a combination of factors. Primarily, their long-standing commitment to quality and the willingness to invest in top-tier components and equipment. While their initial cost might be higher than some competitors, their focus on long-term reliability and customer satisfaction makes them stand out.

Pro Chiller also prides themselves on having a dedicated, knowledgeable team that goes beyond merely selling chillers. They view their partnership with customers as a long-term relationship, emphasizing continuous support.

Adapting to evolving market trends is another factor that sets Pro Chiller apart. Recognizing the potential in emerging industries like craft brewing, they quickly adjust and modify their equipment to meet these new demands and unique challenges of the industry.

Partnership with Deutsche Beverage + Process

Deutsche Beverage + Process’s decision to partner with Pro Chiller is based on the alignment of values. Mutual focus on quality, transparency, and long-term customer relationships, create a solid foundation for the partnership. Deutsche and Pro Chiller both prioritize the customer experience and view their partnerships with customers as more than just a business transaction.

Deutsche’s commitment to training and willingness to provide constructive feedback in case of chiller challenges are appreciated by Pro Chiller. Strong relationships between Deutsche and their customers allow them to understand what they want in a chiller, and this info is directly relayed back to Pro Chiller to allow for continued product improvement.

Chillers Designed for Brewing and Distilling

Pro Chiller excels in meeting the demands of Deutsche’s brewing equipment and distilling equipment customers by offering a comprehensive range of chiller solutions perfectly suited for the brewing, distilling and other sanitary processes. Their chiller equipment is designed to meet key criteria crucial for efficient operations. With precise temperature control, ample cooling capacity, a versatile temperature range, and the ability to provide rapid cooling, Pro Chiller ensures that these processes runs smoothly. Their adjustable set points, safety features, and energy efficiency further enhance the overall experience. Pro Chiller’s commitment to reliability and durability ensures that their chillers are capable of continuous operation, while paired with Deutsche’s Automation features like remote monitoring and controls make them adaptable to a variety of setups.

Exciting New Products and Updates

Pro Chiller is eagerly anticipating the adoption of CO2 as a refrigerant in their products. This innovative shift is a major development in the process cooling industry, as it marks a transition from traditional synthetic refrigerants. The adoption of CO2 promises increased energy efficiency, heat recovery, and environmental friendliness.

To offer even more versatility, Pro Chiller is introducing their new PROGreen Hybrid System that combines PRO’s proven low GWP synthetic based refrigerant system with their CO2 based system. This hybrid approach delivers the benefits of both worlds, embracing sustainability and familiarity simultaneously.

The 100 HP PROGreen Package is just their first natural refrigerant offering, PRO is committed to finding alternatives to synthetic refrigerants, with a goal to have their entire product line shifted to more sustainable and efficient natural solutions by 2030. This commitment to innovation ensures Pro Chiller remains at the forefront of the industry, offering cutting-edge solutions to their customers


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