Holding & Conditioning Tanks

These tanks are fully customizable from size and shape, all the way down to the individual ports and valves. We also provide the ability to stack smaller tanks to help with saving space and utilizing available footprint.

  • Fully Customizable to Meet Your Needs: Our Holding & Conditioning Tanks offer unmatched flexibility, allowing customization in size, shape, and fittings, along with a stacking option for space efficiency.
  • Superior Quality and Sanitary Assurance: Made from certified stainless-steel with 100% TIG welded joints and a sanitary interior, these tanks ensure durability and purity, suitable for various industries.
  • Precision Temperature Control: Equipped with advanced temperature control features, these tanks are ideal for maintaining the quality and consistency of temperature-sensitive products in sanitary processing industries.

High-Quality Storage and Conditioning Vessels

Built out of certified 304 stainless-steel material through sanitary construction with 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish. All tanks and jackets are inspected, and pressure tested. All tanks are insulated with high efficiency polyurethane foam. Deutsche will custom fabricate your tanks to meet your building’s space and height restrictions.


Stock tank options to get you what you need quickly and custom options to get the exact size and features you need.

  • Brushed 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316 stainless steel and copper banding options
  • Vertical and horizontal tank options
  • Dish or conical bottom
  • Ability to stack multiple tanks
  • Heating and cooling jackets available as well as insulation options
  • Thermowell for easy temperature probe maintenance and removal
  • CIP rotating ball, Pressure gauges, Sample valves, Carbonation stones, removable thermowells are all available and can come standard
  • Side or top manway available
  • Completely customizable
  • ASME and single wall options available
  • Standard sizes are available from 60-7000 gallon options.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel, TIG weld construction
  • 304 and 316 stainless options
  • High- efficiency Polyurethane insulated vessels
  • Includes spray balls for easy CIP integration
  • Reinforced stainless steel legs, w/ leveling foot pads
  • Custom sizes and orientations to meet customer needs
  • Stainless steel handle Butterfly valves
  • All necessary EPDM gaskets and Hardware included

Connects with control and automation options to maximize consistency and efficiency.

  • Siemens automation platforms and interface
  • Over twenty automated feature add-ons
  • Smart device app for remote monitoring and operation
  • Material handling automation
  • Semi to fully automated CIP process options
  • Intrinsically safe and gas detection control options
  • Full temperature, CO2, and blending vessel automation
  • SPX, FM, and E+H instrumentation and valves
  • Hazardous environment control designs
  • Remote access service

High-Quality Storage and Conditioning Vessels

Built out of certified 304 stainless-steel material through sanitary construction with 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish. All tanks and jackets are inspected, and pressure tested. All tanks are insulated with high efficiency polyurethane foam. Deutsche will custom fabricate your tanks to meet your building’s space and height restrictions.

Features & Options

Our equipment features are usually sold as add-ons by most manufacturers, sparing you the inconvenience and unexpected expenses of acquiring additional equipment, or services.

Auxiliary Equipment

Look to Deutsche to handle the entire scope of your project from utilities, sanitary piping, bulk storage, milling, CIP, conveyance, filtration, and custom equipment. Our dedicated manufacturing team and component partners provide the latest technology and most reliable ancillary equipment catered to your process.

Service & Support

Each project is assigned a dedicated engineer, ensuring personalized attention and expertise for your design, installation, control integration, programming, process piping, and field service needs. We’re also here to provide continuous equipment support and assist with system process inquiries.


We prioritize seamless CIP integration in all our equipment designs. Furthermore, we offer industry-leading CIP skids, carts, and steam sanitation options. Recognizing the importance of proper system sanitation to your bottom line and product quality, we’re committed to delivering custom-engineered cleaning processes, equipment, and solutions.


Customizable automation is the key to bringing higher quality, consistency, yields, and efficiencies to your system – no matter your industry or application. Choose to add specific instruments for insight into your process, add automated features to reduce dependence on labor or choose to fully automate your system for the ultimate hands-off experience.

Custom Holding and Conditioning Tanks for Commercial Liquid Processing

When it comes to beverage and liquid production, having the right holding and conditioning vessels can make all the difference. Our premium stainless steel tanks, with their customizability, efficiency, and versatility, are the ideal choice for beverage producers. Whether you are a small artisanal producer or a large-scale operation, our vessels are designed to meet your unique requirements. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our tanks to elevate your cold brew and tea production to the next level.


Our holding and conditioning vessels are not one-size-fits-all. We understand that every operation has its unique needs, which is why our tanks are fully customizable. From the size and shape to individual ports and valves, you have the freedom to design the perfect vessel for your production process. Plus, we offer the ability to stack smaller tanks, maximizing your available footprint.

Premium Materials:

Quality matters, which is why our tanks are built using certified 304 stainless steel through sanitary construction. The 100% TIG welded joints and seams, along with a sanitary interior polish, ensure a clean and hygienic environment for your beverages. You can also opt for 316 stainless steel or copper banding options, giving you even more choices for your vessel construction.

Efficiency and Insulation:

We know that maintaining the right temperature is crucial for cold brew and tea production. That’s why all our tanks come with high-efficiency polyurethane foam insulation. This insulation helps keep your beverages at the desired temperature while minimizing energy consumption. Whether you prefer a dish or conical bottom, our vessels are designed for optimal performance.

Features for Convenience:

Our tanks come equipped with a range of features designed to make your production process smoother. They include spray balls for easy Clean-In-Place (CIP) integration, stainless steel handle butterfly valves, and thermowells for temperature probe maintenance and removal. Additionally, we offer heating and cooling jackets as well as insulation options for precise temperature control.

Customization Options:

We understand that no two production facilities are alike. That’s why we offer custom sizes and orientations to meet your specific needs. Whether you need side or top manways, ASME compliance, or single-wall options, we have you covered. Our standard sizes range from 60 to 7000 gallons, catering to a variety of production scales.


Our holding and conditioning vessels are designed to accommodate both hot and cold coffee or tea production, giving you the versatility you need to meet market demands. We also offer multiple turn-key chiller cooling options, allowing you to customize your equipment for optimal performance.


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Customer Spotlight: Liberty Pole Spirits

Liberty Pole Spirits, a family-owned distillery in Pennsylvania, partnered with Deutsche Beverage + Process to custom-build equipment tailored to their needs, enhancing their production efficiency and capacity. This collaboration provided Liberty Pole with a 1000-gallon mash house featuring automated handling, precise temperature control, and expansion capabilities, streamlining their operations and supporting their commitment to high-quality, pot-distilled rye whiskey.

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