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Craft Brewing Equipment

Looking for truly customizable, turn-key, automated beer brewing systems? Deutsche brewing equipment is the answer. Our craft beer brewing systems cater to breweries of all sizes, ranging from 2 to 100 barrels. With our engineering-focused expertise in crafting high-quality equipment, we provide the tools and technology you need to streamline your brewing process and achieve exceptional results.Join the 100’s of award-winning breweries using Deutsche brewing equipment.

Custom Brewhouse

Limitless possibilities for those looking to perfect their exact brewing equipment, and process

  • Custom piping and platform design
  • Multiple vessel combinations
  • Available grades of stainless 304-316
  • Custom siemens control options
  • Able to meet specific production goals

Pilot Brewhouse

Perfect your recipes on a pilot brewhouse before scaling up to your production system.

  • Integration into production brewing system
  • Consistency in scaling
  • Custom siemens control options
  • Layout variations to fit into current facility
  • Starting at 2 Barrels production size

Pub Brewhouse

Perfect for those looking to enter the brewing space, i.e. start-up breweries, restaurants or bars.

  • 2 – 10 barrel systems
  • Multiple vessel configurations
  • Able to fit your space with a custom platform and piping

Large Production Brewhouse

Perfect for the brewery looking to meet large production or distribution goals.

  • Up to 100 Barrel Systems
  • Engineered for ultimate efficiency of power and water usage
  • Automation to reduce dependence on labor
    Project Management Installation, and commissioning

Cellar Tanks and Vessels

Fermentation and conditioning tanks, customizable to specific sizes and dimensions. Designed and engineered to meet your production schedule.

  • 2-240 barrel size options
  • Jacketed or Unjacketed options
  • Ability to integrate temperature controls
  • CIP skid or other cleaning options available

Brewhouse Tanks

Individual brewhouse vessels customizable to meet your grain bill.

  • Build into your current system
  • Pressure and Temperature control options
  • Efficient heat transfer system for optimal brewing conditions
  • Designed to allow for flexibility in the brewing process

Material Handling

Pre or post-processing material management

  • Grain, coffee, hemp spent and raw material management
  • Convenience systems and storage vessels to serve material management

Filtration & Clarification

Tilting Hop Infuser

Easily and efficiently infuse a wide array of flavors into your food and beverage products.

  • Custom skid-mounted designs up to 2500L
  • Perfect for infusing and extracting with whole bean or ground coffee, botanicals, concentrates, syrups, fruit, and more

Custom, Automated, Turn-key Craft Brewing Equipment

When it comes to truly customizable, turn-key, and automated beer brewing systems, Deutsche Brewing Equipment stands out as the ultimate solution. Our extensive range of craft beer brewing systems caters to breweries of all sizes, ranging from 2 to 100 barrels, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific production needs. With our engineering-focused expertise and commitment to quality, we deliver top-of-the-line equipment that streamlines your brewing process, allowing you to achieve exceptional results with every batch. Join the ranks of hundreds of award-winning breweries that have embraced the excellence of Deutsche brewing equipment. Experience the unrivaled customization options, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous craftsmanship that sets our brewing systems apart. From brewhouses to mash tuns and fermenters and cellar tanks, our equipment is designed to optimize efficiency, improve consistency, and enhance the overall brewing experience.

Features & Options

Our equipment features are usually sold as add-ons by most manufacturers, sparing you the inconvenience and unexpected expenses of acquiring additional equipment, or services.


Look to Deutsche to handle the entire scope of your project from utilities, sanitary piping, bulk storage, milling, CIP, conveyance, filtration, and custom equipment. Our dedicated manufacturing team and component partners provide the latest technology and most reliable ancillary equipment catered to your process.

Service & Support

Each project is assigned a dedicated engineer, ensuring personalized attention and expertise for your design, installation, control integration, programming, process piping, and field service needs. We’re also here to provide continuous equipment support and assist with system process inquiries.


We prioritize seamless CIP integration in all our equipment designs. Furthermore, we offer industry-leading CIP skids, carts, and steam sanitation options. Recognizing the importance of proper system sanitation to your bottom line and product quality, we’re committed to delivering custom-engineered cleaning processes, equipment, and solutions.


Customizable automation is the key to bringing higher quality, consistency, yields, and efficiencies to your system – no matter your industry or application. Choose to add specific instruments for insight into your process, add automated features to reduce dependence on labor or choose to fully automate your system for the ultimate hands-off experience.


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