Cannabis & Hemp

Streamline your entire cannabis processing operation with automated, custom equipment.

Cutting-Edge Cannabis Processing Equipment

Deutsche’s cutting-edge cannabis processing equipment guarantees the production of premium, potent, and pure cannabis products. From advanced automated extraction systems to winterization, solvent recovery, evaporation, and distillation equipment, these custom solutions offer scalability, compatibility, vertical integration, and ensure efficient, sustainable production while maintaining exceptional product quality.

Distillation & Evaporation

Automated Equipment utilizing distillation techniques to purify and concentrate cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in high-quality cannabis distillates.

  • Equipped with advanced temperature control systems that enable precise regulation of temperature throughout the distillation process, ensuring optimal separation and preservation of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Fractional distillation capabilities, allowing for the separation of different compounds based on their evaporation points, resulting in the isolation of specific cannabinoids and terpenes for targeted product formulations.
  • Resulting in a clean and refined end product with potency concentrate in the 90% range; suitable for various applications, including vaporization, edibles, and tinctures.


Cannabis extraction equipment utilizing advanced techniques to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material, ensuring potency, purity, and versatility in various cannabis products.

  • Hydrocarbon or BHO and Cryoethanol systems are available
  • Scalable throughput and batch size options to cater to startups or large extraction facilities
  • Plugs into downstream processing equipment

Winterization & Filtration System

Winterization equipment to remove unwanted impurities such as fats, waxes, and lipids from cannabis extracts, resulting in a cleaner and more refined end product.

  • Fully Pneumatic Skid to reduce utility overhead
  • Comes with multiple filter type options
  • Plays a crucial role in the production of high-quality cannabis extracts, improving their purity, clarity, and overall potency for use in various products, including edibles, topicals, and vape cartridges

Infused Beverages

  • Cutting-Edge Technology for Superior Quality: Rely on specific engineering and automation to ensure award-winning infused beverages
  • Proven Results: Many top Infused beverage companies rely on Deutsche as their equipment partner.
  • Supporting Equipment: From mixing and holding tanks to winterization and extraction equipment, Deutsche is your partner for vertical integration.

Mixing Vessels

  • Fully Customizable to Meet Your Needs: Our Mixing Vessels offer unmatched flexibility, allowing customization in size, shape, fittings, gearbox, and the mixer and impeller type.
  • Superior Quality and Sanitary Assurance: Made from certified stainless-steel with 100% TIG welded joints and a sanitary interior, these tanks ensure durability and purity, suitable for various industries.
  • Precision Control: Advanced automation control features are available, allowing for control of the mixer speed, pattern, and time, as well as ancillary control options for critical parameters like temperature, level, pressure and more.

C1D1 Room

C1D1 Rooms are a great option for customers looking to meet jurisdiction requirements for solvent extraction while avoiding a complete build-out of a room or building.

  • Clean White 18 ga. Metal Design
  • Eye wash station, LEL Sensors, Safety Light and Horn, Auto Close Doors
  • UL Power Panels for Booth and Interlock control
  • Modular design with custom sizing options


Cannabis equipment specifically designed to efficiently and accurately infuse cannabis extracts into food products, enabling the production of high-quality, and consistent smoke-free cannabis products.

  • Ensures precise dosing and thorough mixing of cannabis extracts into food products, allowing for accurate and consistent infusion throughout the production process
  • Homogeneous distribution of cannabis extracts within the final product, ensuring that the infused cannabinoids are evenly dispersed, resulting in consistent potency and a uniform consumer experience
  • Precise temperature and time control, allowing for optimized infusion parameters to preserve the potency and quality of cannabinoids while minimizing any undesirable effects such as flavor degradation or loss of terpenes

Commercial cannabis processing equipment

Deutsche cannabis processing equipment ensures the production of premium, potent, and pure cannabis products. The extraction equipment employs advanced automated systems to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material, offering scalability and compatibility with downstream processing equipment. The winterization, solvent recovery, evaporation, and distillation equipment enables efficient and sustainable production while maintaining product quality. These cutting-edge, custom, automated solutions revolutionize cannabis processing, setting new standards for quality and efficiency.

Features & Options

Our equipment features are usually sold as add-ons by most manufacturers, sparing you the inconvenience and unexpected expenses of acquiring additional equipment, or services.

Auxiliary Equipment

Look to Deutsche to handle the entire scope of your project from utilities, sanitary piping, bulk storage, milling, CIP, conveyance, filtration, and custom equipment. Our dedicated manufacturing team and component partners provide the latest technology and most reliable ancillary equipment catered to your process.

Service & Support

Each project is assigned a dedicated engineer, ensuring personalized attention and expertise for your design, installation, control integration, programming, process piping, and field service needs. We’re also here to provide continuous equipment support and assist with system process inquiries.


We prioritize seamless CIP integration in all our equipment designs. Furthermore, we offer industry-leading CIP skids, carts, and steam sanitation options. Recognizing the importance of proper system sanitation to your bottom line and product quality, we’re committed to delivering custom-engineered cleaning processes, equipment, and solutions.


Customizable automation is the key to bringing higher quality, consistency, yields, and efficiencies to your system – no matter your industry or application. Choose to add specific instruments for insight into your process, add automated features to reduce dependence on labor or choose to fully automate your system for the ultimate hands-off experience.


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