If the brewing system is at the heart of a brewery, and the artistic interpretations of mash are the brain and soul, then the piping is the neurological—ensuring messages are properly passed from one to the other. Deutsche believes so fully in the absolute need for exceptional piping that they have assembled an inventory of only the best materials.

The Inventory

Stainless, 304/304L sanitary piping provides assurance that the risk of contamination is drastically reduced for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical operations. Schedule 80 PVC glycol piping means consistent cooling from chiller to tanks, so everything remains properly temperature controlled. Intelligent piping solutions permit waste to become a benefit to the process.  For instance, the condensate that must be removed from steam-heated vessels can be reused as boiler feed-water, saving on energy expenditure. Custom fabrication allows the client to realize a vision within the footprint of the allotted space.  It also provides the option to revamp or update existing equipment for improved results. COOL-FIT ABS Plus is pre-insulated for unrivaled energy savings and efficiency. It is corrosion-free, pre-insulated ABS piping with a warrantied lifespan, and convey cold fluids down to -50°F.  Last, but certainly not least, 316 stainless steel replacement for traditional nickel chromium stainless means better resistance to corrosion and pitting for increased longevity of the system.

Piping Solutions Installed

Deutsche has installed impressively piped systems for some of the most complex, eco-minded companies in this country, and abroad.  An alkaline water company, for instance, was dedicated to providing superior, alkaline water to the public while reducing the negative environmental impact of the industry. With Deutsche’s customized piping solution, they were able to assemble a system that allowed them to do just that.  Pre-insulated piping, high-tech welding solutions, and superior stainless steel meant they had a truly energy efficient system with an elongated lifespan compared to traditional installations.  This, paired with a dedication to recycled, renewable packaging, meant the company exceeded their initial green goals.

Piping Breweries

It’s not just the water industry that is benefiting from Deutsche’s piping solutions.  Just ask the folks from Three Roads Brewing: Third Street in Virginia, New Realm Brewery (an interstate brand), or Trolley Barn Fermentory in North Carolina.  All three are proving exactly that a solid brewing system, and proper piping can be the perfect foundation for a beverage artist to build from. Trolley Barn was so pleased with the functionality, but also the aesthetic of their system that it is currently featured as a primary photo on their website.  Be sure to check that out and then give us a call to discuss how we can assist you with your piping needs!

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